Conservation Community & Planning Group

Keeping our eyes open…

Whatever the words we choose for the title of this special unit, the meaning of their role is clear – we wish to be – we need to be – very aware of the changes that affect our community, which is why;

Conservation is appropriate for the way we try to protect those landscapes, views, and buildings which the majority of all of us feel worthy of safekeeping;

Community then embraces how and where we live and how we work together to improve and progress the elements that are important, working and sharing with the community organisations we partner; and finally…

Planning is where we are ever watchful over applications that the MVDC processes, and where our unit scrutinises all these applications on a weekly basis, working as a triage to refer those of interest or contention back to the Trustees for further consideration.

Photo of the development of St Martins Walk shopping centre 1991
How many of us remember what St Martin's Walk was like before M&S arrived - only 1991, so quite recent!
Photo of the entrance to Whitehorse Muse, a development of 9 new town houses
Lovely boutique development but where will all the 20 cars go?

Best Local Development

Another important aspect of this planning overview is that we are able to highlight those applications which might be considered as praiseworthy – whether domestic, residential, commercial, or sporting – and which have been, and will continue to be, selected for our annual Best Local Development competition which has been running for about 20 years.

A photo of Chorus Gardens, housing development near Beare Green, Surrey
Chorus Gardens. Our main prize-winner in 2014 was this sympathetic and attractive Crest Nicholson development of 25 three- and four-bedroom homes, just off the A24 at Beare Green, south of Dorking