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Like it or not, ‘Social Media’ brings us all closer together - and instantly!  But because of who we are and what we do, it is a curious balance that we are 'traditionally historic' which many younger folk think means 'old and slow' (some of us might be!), but we are so keen to highlight all that is good that we have, that we are really red-hot on communication – and the only way you can find that out is to sign-up as a member for our email bulletins, as well as news of events and invites to them.

Also, if you have questions for any of our specialists (you might wish to trace local family links, or find who owned your house before, or need a photo or map from our archive, or have something you think should be kept for posterity) then browse the list of contacts below... or just send us a general note via the portal – we really would like to hear from you...


Membership of the new Dorking Society from January 2019 is planned to include access to all the Society's news and events, admission to the Museum, and a link to your nearest Local History Group – details of which will appear here in December 2018, with the revised Membership Form and GiftAid declaration... at which time we will be delighted to welcome you into the Society. (If you are already a member of the DDPS, we will be contacting you anyway.)

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Other local community groups and organisations

Dorking Town Forum – A gathering of all the groups in the town and area.

Transition Dorking -  The 'green' group highlighting local ecological issues and encouraging the use of solar energy.

Friends of Dorking – The 'activity' group who first came together to fund the Christmas lights in 2013, and who now pop up with new ideas and events... such as the Easter Egg Hunt and the very pretty giant floral 'tubs'.

A vintage photo showing Dorking preparing for the Duchess of Albany, wife of Leopold, son of Queen Victoria
Dorking prepares to welcome the Duchess of Albany, wife of Leopold, youngest son of Queen Victoria, on her visit in 1894