Dorking Local History Group

It may be too simple to say that what we use today will be history tomorrow? But it is true, and it is also impracticable to think that we would wish to retain everything at hand so that in 100 years time visitors can view these then, similar to how we now look back to the 1920s as a comparison.  So the question always is, what do we save, and why this object rather than that object?

Thankfully, we have knowledgeable experts who make these decisions every month of every year – and if you also have an interest because of fascinating items in your family history, or from the house you live in, or to do with the street you live on, then you will understand the purpose of our local history groups... so, if you do have items or just an interest in the past, please contact your nearest LHG and join in. They all have get-togethers, and talks and walks... and membership (with bulletins/emails) for just a few pounds... so why not?

Harry Baxtead says hello as he nears the top of St Martin's spire to fix the cockerel up there, in April 1986
You probably don't believe it, but this was an egg-vending machine outside a chicken farm in Charlwood... and the writing at the top says... '6 eggs for 2/-'
The happy crush as the Olympic torch creeps past Woolworths in Dorking High Street, in 1948
The 2nd battalion London Scottish on the road towards Westcott - and then Guildford for the Portsmouth train, in February 1915
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